Happy Summer!

It's a tricky thing when two holidays mesh. It's hard to spread your love across both equally. Why we did have a marvelous Father's Day, we skipped the excitement of Summer. All of us northerners wait a looong time for summer, so I think it deserves attention. I'm declaring today to be the day of the summer bucket list. I'm going to make a list of all the things I don't want to miss this summer. (And then I'll likely cross half of them off in favor of just staying where we like best-home.)  Warmth, bodies of water, canoes/kayaks, seashells, homegrown produce, windows open, barefoot in the grass, catching butterflies, picnics, fresh flowers in vases at all times, outside until bedtime...  So much good awaits us.  Welcome summer!


  1. Oh you are going to have a wonderful summer. Hug B

  2. Lord knows you deserve a nice, long, fun summer!



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