Our Cemetery

There's a cemetery on our property. How neat is that?!  Honestly, it was so overgrown that I hadn't even properly explored it.  There's a grant going on now to take care of old private cemeteries. I filled out a form and two really nice retired guys made it new again!

Come on in and see how neat this is!

Can you spy it beyond our little orchard?

Most of those buried were only in their 20s or 30s. If they were married, it says "Wife of x" or "Husband of x" on the stone. If they weren't married, it says "Daughter of x" or "Son of x".

(From this angle, you can see our neighbors and their Christmas Tree Farm.)
And here's the view from the cemetery to our farm.

It's really a neat thing, to own a home with a cemetery in the backyard.  Even better that it's all cleared out now.  I'm thinking of transplanting some flowers in there.  One of these days...so much that could be done on this farm, a lifetime's worth of work.




  1. That's so cool! A real slice of history. Are any related to you or was this some kind of public/church cemetery? That might be interesting to find out who those folks were and see if they have any relatives still in the area? That's great that someone came out and restored it...

  2. Wonder if it was an old family cemetery maybe of the previous owners? That granite wall around it is really unique. It's great you are taking care of it!



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