New Resolution #2

I just chatted about my resolution #1 (here), "Just come". 

I've been collecting stuff for resolution #2.  (Which my resolutions have nothing to do with New Year's.  Just when my brain is ready to think about one more thing.  Right now I'm working on four new resolutions, so far that is). 

Resolution #2: Soapmaking.

Never done it before.

I've been collecting for the last few weeks.  Collecting buttermilk in the freezer (I throw in the towel...we cannot use it all to eat! I've been gifting but I want to figure out how we can use it for different things in our own family).  Also collecting supplies. I'm pretty stoked about my treasures so far.  A gift certificate for the book, a few dollars here and a couple quarters there for some supplies.  I love the pot and the vintage molds best I think.  I ordered lye and am trying to figure out what else I need.

Any experience out there? Hints would be good!  Recipes appreciated!  Encouragement may be needed! I can learn this craft, right?!  The most overwhelming part is finding all the stuff I need without spending hundreds of dollars (which would totally be possible if buying new).

I have no deadline in getting the ball rolling, but sometime before summer would be nice to get started. Might take me that long to collect all the thrifted stuff I need to get the job done.  Which is okay, as this homesteading thing is a process I've been committed to for over a decade now.  Learning the homesteading art is definitely at crockpot speech, not microwave speed, for sure.


  1. Soap making sounds like so much fun! Looking forward to seeing all about this adventure!

  2. Yes, I can't wait to hear about your adventure. I have always wanted to do this too, but I have yet to be talented enough to devote enough time to be able to explore this. Instead I made a compromise and tried this early last year. Liquid soap from a bar (we are more of a liquid soap family--well Loren prefers bars but I find them soggy messy.) It was mostly successful. I'm still using the gallon we made up (it made more than a gallon actually.) It has a weird stringy consistency (at least this first batch--I used a random bar of soap from TJMaxx that I loved the smell of.) But it seems to work fine. So much cheaper and we've saved pump bottles from before-so reusing and less waste. The only other thing about it, was that it separates over time. But you just mix it up again and I refill all at the same time so it's ok. Good luck!

  3. Staci's your girl over at Life at Cobble Hill Farm. She's got this thing down pat. I'm sure she will help you in any way she can. I haven't yet ventured into soap making, but am hoping to make some candles this weekend with local beeswax. Homesteading is always exciting, huh? Have fun!

  4. I'm here for you - feel free to send any questions my way!! :) Here's a GREAT starter recipe for using your milk: {if you don't choose to use the carrot puree just run the ingredients back through the lye calculator on to make sure the lye and liquid are still correct} I have found the best way to freeze the milk is to pour {and weigh} it into a quart freezer bag then lay it flat in the freezer. This way, you can add the lye to the frozen milk which will a. allow the milk to melt quicker than if it was ice cubes and b. give you un-scorched milk! A win-win!! Let me know if you need any additional help - excited you're giving it a go!!



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