Not in School

All others are back in school, while we are celebrating our time "Not in school".  Unsolicited criticism aside, it's been a great week schooling our way.  Thankful for the freedom of choice and the awesome network of support we have.  I think this year at home will be our best yet!


  1. So happy for your kids that they get to learn at home. There's no better place to foster growth than where you feel safest. Blessings for a fantastic "school" year!

  2. Homeschooling is a geat way to educate your kids! Mine went to public school, but my friend homeschooled 3 of hers...her oldest is now a pediatrician! I think you can accomplish things faster at home without the distraction of school things, and travel is a GREAT education in itself that you can do when school is in session!



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