I have all sorts of pictures to go through and things to share.  But instead, I am doing more tomatoes.  I swear, every couple days, I feel like I FINALLY am ahead in tomatoes...
 And then I go out to the garden and pick these.
It's a good problem, I suppose. I'm thankful.  I'm just ready for the end to be around the corner.  Such a busy time of year. Who else is knee deep in tomatoes with me?


  1. Don't I wish! I have not yet been very successful at tomato growing. What a wonderful problem to have! Wish I could buy some from you! Mm, mm. Homegrown.

  2. I just finished canning boxes of tomatoes from a friend's garden. I could have more delivered any day but am thankful to have a break. Canning is a busy time for sure!

  3. I'm ankle deep :) We eat a lot of our fresh, but today I'm making salsa and a batch of pasta sauce to freeze. Enjoy!!!



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