In progress update....

Crappy computer pic....but here's that $35.00 couch I've been working on.  Last time I showed it to you, it was a month ago (reference here).

In the last month, I've completely stripped all the stain off the legs (not a quick project), cut the pattern pieces out and have all the fabric reupholstered on the couch except for the backing.  After the backing, I'll sew a new cushion and be done.  And then for the next decision...what pillows should I make? Pace yourself, Jackie.  Remind me of that.

Anyway, hopefully within the next week, we will have a new couch and be able to put this mess of a living room back together!

I have so many projects in the works lately, which is both overwhelming and exciting. Guaranteed I'll have plenty to show you all once I actually finish them!

One day at a time...onward.

1 comment:

  1. It is looking great! I hope one day to tackle the antique sofa that was my Moms!



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