First Day

This was last week, their first 2016-2017 day of homeschool co-op.  I get to teach one of their classes "I am a Story Teller"(we're making manipulatives and retelling fave books, so fun!). She also has gym and crafts. He also has drawing and French.  We are so lucky to be connected to a great group!


  1. No doubt it will be a great experience for all of you. Enjoy!

  2. I want to say how much I love your blog. Your kids are growing up like I did. I grew up on farms in Iowa. I also enjoy reading about your thrift store finds. I have been reading your blog for a year or so. My grandson went away to school at the Landing school near you. I was tickled when I saw how close you are to the school. Now you need to tell me your thrifting spots ;). We will be traveling up to see grandson late next week. I am hoping the trees are starting to turn. I am living in VA as of a year ago. So am loving traveling and seeing the east coast. Sandy

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I thrift all over, I pop into about a dozen different places periodically. So neat about the Landing school! Enjoy your trip! ~Jackie



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