Taking Flight

We are lucky, lucky, lucky.

Because we have great friends.

And we are luckier because said friends have helped us out in a pinch so many times.

But, we are the luckier of the luckiest because *we* got to go on our very own airplane tour of our home, neighborhood and beaches. 

Seriously, how amazing is that?

I must say, Pilot Jason is not only a really great pilot, but patience he does have, especially given my kids LOVED talking on the headsets.  Really, we can't thank you enough,what a treat it was!

 First up...Tractor Supply. Because that's an important place in my kids' mind.
 And here is our homestead!  I tried to rough the property lines of our 30 acres.
 Home sweet homestead!

 Our property from the sky.
 Our neighborhood. We used to live in the woods next to the field on the far left. We couldn't see that house from the sky because of the trees. Now our farm is right on top of this pic. Our neighborhood for the last 10 years!
 Loop around and there's the coast.
 Down to Nubble lighthouse.
 Up coast to Ogunquit.
 Up to Crescent and Wells beaches.
 The jetty and Drake's Island
 Our very favorite place to go in the summer, the Harbor.  You see beach pictures from here a lot.
 Wells Reserve at Laudholm, I write about this place a lot.  We were there today actually.
 Back for a smooth landing with my helper doing what he does best.  Really, a great trip. Thank you Pilot Jason!


  1. What an amazing opportunity! Your acreage looks so inviting. Cool, cool, cool.

  2. Good people deserve good things. So happy for you Jackie! You all deserve it! ❤️

  3. S said "Oooh, that's Tractor Supply, is t it?" while looking at the picture upside down. Those kids!



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