(More) chicks.

A friend gave us 10 fertilized turkey eggs. I popped them in the incubator.  28 days it takes to hatch a turkey.  21 for chickens.  7 days in, I slipped in a few chicken eggs, just for kicks.

Hatching day and after, all that's hatched (even though there was some development in the turkey eggs) is chickens.

Womp womp.

I already take care of 70, SEVENTY, chickens....and all that hatches is chickens.  Like I need more chickens!

Seriously, I'm meant to be crazy chicken lady.

A friend has had a really rough couple months with her chickens...something got them all.  So these little chicks will be gifted to them.

However, for the next few days, they are ours to snuggle, which we will enjoy thoroughly.  Can't get enough of that day old fluff.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful gift. I want to see turkeys on your farm!



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