Today there was an incident around 8:30am with our little goat, Serena. At 12:30pm, I found she was *still* bleeding.  I put pressure on the wound for an hour and it was still bleeding quite a bit. 

Now, here comes the thankfulness...

1) My dad (a veterinarian) is 6 1/2 hours from our home in Maine, but only a phone call away. Although he may grumble, it's so comforting with all these critters  to know that that if something is wrong, I can ask and get some really great suggestions.

2) Although Ms.Audra had *ahem* a very challenging morning, she pulled herself together  and was such a helper for her little goat, Serena. She sat with Serena and me and with just Serena for an hour and a half total. Adrian kept her company.

3) The bleeding finally slowed down.

4) Once Audra put Serena back in the pasture, Serena immediately peed. Thankful Serena is a smart goat who did not relieve herself IN our house, but waited to be returned to pasture.

5) Serena looked just fine tonight. Thankful for that.



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