Wood Stacking

Next winter's wood.  Getting it in the woodshed has been on my to-do list.  My husband helped for an hour or so yesterday, but there's a lot more to do.  Not so possible to do one handed. 
 I parked Anna-Kate outside this afternoon. It was breezy, so no bugs in the shade.  She certainly had a crew to keep her company. I got two wheelbarrows of wood during sibling entertainment time.
 Then it was discovered she really enjoyed watching the clothes move with the wind.  I got two wheelbarrows of wood in while she did this.
 And then she slept, so I got a few more wheelbarrow loads in that way.
 At the pace I'm going, it will take me the whole summer to get the wood in!  Stacking wood is probably the world's best hands on science activity with the critters we find (snake skin, mouse nest, centipedes, ant colonies, pregnant spiders, etc.), so it's just as well we will have multiples opportunities to throw wood at this pace. A little progress when I can will pay off.  Thankful I have this guy who probably did a thousand loads in his dumptruck today. I may not be exaggerating by much.
 I also have helmet girl (safety first!), who helps for 2-3 minute time spans before she declares herself 'snack girl' and goes and makes us a burdock salad (thanks...) or decides she's going to gather some chickens to be the audience watching the wood show, etc..  She provides the entertainment, which is necessary too!

I'll keep plugging away. Hope it will be finished before the snow flies.

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