Potato Bugs

Somehow it happened that those potato bugs just crept up, out of nowhere, seemingly.  I swear I was *just* out there and things looked mostly good.  Sure, I picked a couple of potato bugs off, but not enough to think twice about.  Today I went out and the couple of bugs turned into oodles. Virtually no problem turned into a big problem.

I admit I felt defeat. I thought I had put in the time and the work, I thought I was diligently watching out and then I was thrown for a loop.  How did I miss so many!?  Can't go back, can only go forward, hoping for the best.  Might as well get a bucket, get a little help, make some fun out of a disappointing situation (by assigning points based on size!) and do something good with the pieces. The chickens loved the treat.

This potato bug journey doubles as my parenting journey these last few days.   Can't look back, can only look ahead.  I'm just going to keep on keeping on and hope that there will be potato harvest eventually.

Pic from 2015

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