Keeping on.

I could use a do-over from this week. I was hoping my coffee cup would help me for today.  I could use a little extra cooperation and a little extra patience. Each day I have been saying "Today will be better" and then something happens. Today I will ignore the summer sickness we all seemed to have caught, I will ignore the extended time I needed to fix some annoying paperwork and I'll ignore the other half dozen random things that have bothered me today. I'll think of the pearls of the day, including: 
-We start and end our day with family readings (which is my most fave part of the day).  Viking Tales (copyright 1902!) have my littles hollering "A viking we will go!"
- I made a really good lunch that included my own broccoli and my own greens. 
- Aside from two couples who walked by, we had the beach to ourselves this afternoon.
- I caught my big two trying to shield the eggs from rain with an umbrella.
- I haven't had to water my garden, mother nature has been taking care of that. 
- I love watching my baby girl with her daddy, I love watching her sleep, watching her talk. I love her so. 
- I have 6 loaves of fresh bread sitting on my counter that we will definitely be diving into tomorrow.

The first week of July is going to be great, I just know it! 

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  1. There are little gems throughout the day to help us press forward. You have three beautiful, healthy children and a husband who supports everything you do. I'd say that's a lot to be thankful for!



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