Hot days...

It's funny how the seasons change and our rhythm follows.  During the winter, we are inside during the morning and evenings and head outside midday, to catch the warmest part of the day.

Now that we are almost officially into the months of summer and the weather is uncomfortably hot (for me anyway!), we tend to spend the bookends of our day outside, with the middle part of our day inside.  Thankful this old farmhouse stays pretty cool most of the summer.

 Inside midday unless, of course, we're at the beach.  This was Anna-Kate's first beach trip and I didn't bring my camera. Oops!  I coaxed my husband to walk back to car to take a couple of pics with his cell phone.   He gets the credit here.

Tiny sandy toes, I love them so! Thankful during these hot days that cooling off oceanside is only 6 miles from our home. Just another reason why I'm glad we have made our home-sweet-home in Maine.

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  1. Oh my gosh. That shot of Adrian feeding his sister is priceless! Glad you were able to get away for a bit.



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