This stinks.

There are things in life that stink and there are things in life that are really stinky.

There are days that stink. There are days that are even stinkier.

Today rates the stinkiest of them all.

11:30 pm and this fearless protector (or maybe curious fool) had a chance encounter with a skunk.  So a bath for her at 11:30 pm and a shower for me at 12:15am.

Now it's 12: 30 am and I never went through all those pictures I intended on going through because of that blasted skunk.

Because I'm a glass is half full type of girl, I need to remember those half full moments of the day so I don't wallow in the half empty feelings that are creeping up.

-Today I drank *almost* all my coffee when it was still hot.
-My husband, who is not a frequenter of wood stacking, committed an hour of his day to help me get some wood in.
-Kids who spent half the morning trying to take three goats for a walk to their "house" in the hedge.
-A baby girl who smiles broadly for "Peek a boo".
-Leftovers for all meals, which means I didn't cook or bake a thing today.
-A fantastic sewing meeting with our 4-H family.
-Line dried pajamas.
-I ate the last piece of cookie cake.
-At least the dog who needed to be de-skunked is our waterdog.

Although not funny now, someday the "Remember when" of tonight will be most comical.

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  1. personally may smell skunky for a bit, just by association.....I 've been there!



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