So much love

Kiddo #3 with two big siblings = SOOOOOOO loved. 
 Sometimes I think she is lucky.
 Other times I look at her little face and think "You poor thing"!
 Anna-Kate is like a watched pot with these two. The second she is awake, she has all these eyes in her face squealing "Hi! You're awake!".  Or sometimes when she's sleeping she gets these kisses that are less than gentle kisses paired with these "I love yous" that are less than quiet "I love yous".  And whenever someone gets to hold her, the other one is so upset because they want a chance to hold her and they NEVER get a chance and the other one ALWAYS gets a chance.  Then someone is tugging her one way and the other is tugging the other way and all I want to do is rescue my tiny baby from all that love. Oh the drama.
 Sure, these two big ones squabble, but the one thing they both agree on is they are SO glad to Anna-Kate is here.  I definitely agree.

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