Summer planning...

For 6 years I used to walk/run by this old farmhouse and dream of what it would be like to come alive with the activity a family brings. I always thought this house/farm would be a perfect place for a child to grow up. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be my family.

Those are my baby's diapers on the line. Those are my kitchen chairs that I painted with a fresh coat of paint. That's the wood that I stacked. That's the barn with my animals. Those are my children with the garlic I planted that's nearly as tall as them.

This is my home sweet home that is mighty alive with all sorts of activity.  

Now we're getting into the summer sunset time. There seriously is no better time of year to be here than summer sunsets.

All of this is too good to keep to myself.  I'm starting to plan some summer community events, including our Country Kids party.  Stay posted, we hope you will be able to join us this summer!


  1. You can wrap the fish, corn, and potatoes in separate pieces of aluminum foil and put them directly on the grill.



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