We welcomed 2022 dressed for the past!  Audra wanted an old fashioned tea, but we turned her idea into an old fashioned dinner. She set up a store for us to 'shop' for the outfits she picked out for us. Turns out she spent so much time getting us dressed that she was the last to the party! 

She made whoppie pies earlier in the day as an incentive...anyone who came to the party got a whoopie pie.  Her dad and brother suddenly were very interested in attending and were the first to arrive. Smart.

I have learned that 3,000 layers when cooking is not so comfortable. 

Trying to pump him up for the fun!

Seriously, he'd do anything for a whoopie pie.

Thinking this may be an every New Year's Day event, why not?  Next year I ought to plan better and have an old fashioned meal instead of stir fry. Oh, the possibilities! 

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