It's been a while since I talked about 4-H, which I should talk of it more because we seem to do something 4-H multiple times a week.  There are all these new spin off groups and my kids have been loving them. Some are all virtual, some are part virtual and part in person. In addition to all the things our regular club does, they have been a part of 4-H aquarium club for over a year, they just finished 5 weeks of a Spin Tree club, are part of the 4-H Dog club, joined the 4-H Nature Spin club (pictured below), joined the Wildlife Habitat Education Program (Pictured below) and I just signed them up for a five week food science program. Plus they are signed up for the Public Presentation Tournament this week and they are working on an article for the Fashion Revue coming up.  We love 4-H. 

4-H's Spin Nature Club

4-H's Wildlife Habitat Educational Program

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