We've been waiting and watching for the first blooms. FINALLY today there were two and a half crocuses bloomed.   

Zippy has been spending more time outside.
Kids have decided that if the sun is shining that it's basically spring. Although they have ditched their coats, long sleeved and shoes, I will keep my wool socks and sweaters a bit longer.

I do have vegetables under grow lights, more sprouting on my heat mats and I just for the first time ever potted dahlias to start them inside.  Hoping for a longer picking season.

So thankful for my sweet neighbor who took the kids for a bit this afternoon so I could run annoying errands without my entourage. Everything takes a fraction of the time when it's just me. I managed a few minutes with the still waters and gulls this afternoon before I picked them up. So thankful to live in a neighborhood with neighbors we love and so thankful for living where there are seasons. 

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