Lately my self talk has been flat out terrible.  For some reason, I look around my home and see all the things I meant to do and haven't. The messes I ought to clean up but are still there. The piles I should clear but haven't. The to do list I wanted to finish, but remains incomplete.  Life gets in the way. Kids get in the way. I get in my own way. 

Going to try to turn my thoughts around starting now. 

Five things I actually do: 

1) Wake up, split wood, start a fire and tend animals.  Everyday. 

2) Read to my kids and myself. Everyday. 

3) Make real food for my family. Everyday.

4) Do small mundane tasks (laundry, dishes, etc.). Everyday.

5) I try my hardest to serve others in some way. Everyday.

I think the glass is half full perspective is much better for my brain.  

Thankful for my family who see the good in me even when I feel like I'm not measuring up. 

Today may your brain focus on what you do and not what you haven't. 

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