He's 11 and a HALF!




9 1/2

Adrian, my 11 and a HALF year old, 

You are 100% uniquely and apologetically you. You like what you like and you don't care if no one else likes it.  You are STILL into farming and most of all trucks.  You love Greenlight die cast 1:64 reproductions and would collect them all if you could.  You love setting up scenes and making supplies for your scenes.  ALLLLLLL the glue and the modpodge and the tape and the mess. When you have computer time, you research this sort of thing. When you have spare time, you draw or paint this sort of thing. You like what you like.

You are a boy who loves a routine.  You get up, make your bed, get dressed, put your dirty clothes where they go, brush your teeth and start morning chores. It's like clockwork.  You love a morning when I read to you so you can draw. You like to take a walk in the field and then spend your spare time doing truck stuff. Then you faithfully put your clean laundry away, journal about your day, read your devotions and then read whatever series you are working on (right now it's Happy Hollisters), listen to your audiobook and go to bed.  Although you're not upset if the routine changes, you'd prefer the steadiness of the familiar. 

Although you say you're not a sports dude, you love hiking, archery, swimming, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and biking.  

You are friendly and can talk to anyone, especially if they are willing to listen to you talk about trucks. You always say "It doesn't cost a thing to wave".  If you are outside, you are waving at whoever is driving. People honk at you even when you aren't outside. People call you "the boy who always waves".  

You have a hearty appetite and love all food but mushrooms and eggs. I never have to ask you to clear your plate, you always do. If you could pick any dessert, it would always be a fruity dessert.

You still plan on being a game warden and sometimes you get your sisters to play game warden. You are a rule follower through and through and have quite an interest in nature. 

You've long been a mama's boy only, but now you're switching from being mama's boy, to being Mr. Independent to having only eyes for daddy.  Your sisters drive you bonkers.  

You are unique, responsible, driven and almost always all business.  What a joy it is to see you blossom before my very eyes.  Proud of who you are growing to be. 

Love, Mama

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