Sundays/First day of spring

 I realize the only two pictures I took today were at the bookends of the day. So here are the bookends and everything in between and beyond.

Started with sleeping in and had a fire blazing in the woodcookstove.
10 eggs, which I promptly made into apple cinnamon puff pancakes. 
Barefoot kids wore the dogs out while I made lunch. 
Archery for the big kids while mom, dad and Anna-Kate took a long walk. 
Whole family kept me company as I (finally) finished pruning the orchard. 
Picture below: kids were making a tent out of sticks (using chicken bags for the ties) with the freight train in the background.
Haircuts and showers/baths for the kids AND one of the dogs (who rolled in something disgusting).
Shepherds pie and Dr. Quinn.
Snuggled together for books before bed.

I'd call today, our first day of spring, a 10/10.  I will forever love seasons and the change of pace they bring.  Happy Spring! 

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