Afternoon reading

 I often give my kids a homemade Popsicle and send them off to find a reading spot in the afternoon.  Real life today, I followed them and snapped a pic.

Adrian chose his room with all his collections.  He's so not a minimalist, but knows where everything is. Usually things are pretty tidy, although uncharacteristic of him, his dresser isn't all shut today.
And Audra chose her room.  Her room that was completely clean two days prior (sigh). Such a free spirit. She knows where nothing is, doesn't have a worry in the world. Plop her in the middle of wherever, she could care less about the surroundings.
And Anna-Kate chose her throne, naturally.

My predictable one, my free spirit and my queen all reading the afternoon away.  Guess who also found a spot to sneak a chapter in too? 10 blissful minutes before someone needed me. I'll take what I can get!.

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