Books. (Always). A few yards of wool.  AND I have been wanting an oversized Turkish beach towel and I found one thrifted brand new!  Total for all $10.50.
And hear me out here. Flannel. It's SO expensive when you buy it new.  We use 100% cotton flannel for a lot. I have made unpaper towels for maybe the last 10 years? And I make various smaller washcloth type sized too. Plus my kids' pajamas. When I find 100% cotton flannel sheets in the thrift stores, if it's in good condition, I buy it if it's $1 to $2 a sheet.  Then I wash it all in hot and dry it up.  Then I with either use it for bedding and retire our current bedding into unpaper towels or cut it directly for a project. I can tell you the bottom right will likely be next year's Christmas PJs for my kids.  $1 will definitely get me multiple pairs of pajama pants!  I got all these 100% flannel sheet sets for $12 total. I feel like this is a win all around...saving these from the landfill, supporting the thrift shop charitable cause, saving money, not wasting paper towels. 

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