Presentations 2022

 Today was the 4-H Public Speaking Tournament. This year my kids did their presentations with hardly any help from me.  Confident. Organized.  Well spoken. I'm super proud. Some practice and the big day pics. 

Adrian did Greenlight Collectibles, which are American made diecast vehicles. 

Audra did hers on rescuing dogs.

Anna-Kate was too young to enter the competition, but she made a poster, collected some supplies and announced her presentation was going to be on white-tailed deer. 
Our 4-H agent was kind enough to allow Anna-Kate join as the key note speaker.  
Anna-Kate said she loved everyone listening to her, loved how everyone clapped for her. She also says she think she winned the whole competition. All kids got completion certificates, one may enjoy reading what Anna-Kate's says! 
Proud of my trio!  They are certainly talkers (like their mama-I spent years doing public speaking in 4-H too). 

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