Snapshots throughout the week

Homeschooling snapshots during winter in Maine. Food. Art & Crafts. Books. Pets. Bundling up and getting outside. I know so many are done with winter, but we aren't sick of it one bit.  Not that there aren't moments I want to pull my hair out...that happens of course...but that happens regardless of the season. I am still embracing the fireside winter mornings where we gather by the woodstove and wish to get that oven cranking to warm up the kitchen. Plus being out and about in vacationland without the people is pretty magical. 

Current morning stack.

(Low tide above one afternoon, high tide below next morning. We go to the beach multiple days a week in all weather. It's fun to see the changes.)

Thankful for the longer days of March and all the joy we find learning and growing together. 

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