2022 Garden Update: 1

Tried three methods of germination this year. All in the same room as our woodstove with a heat mat overnight. I kept each method covered in old salad containers for mini greenhouses. Paper towel on clay balls, stonewool and good old soil. I actually really liked the ease of just dumping pepper seeds on the clay balls and you can easily see which germinates. The germination seems best on the clay balls.  Whatever didn't germinate in the soil, I could easily fill the cells in the packs that were empty from whatever germinated on the clay balls.. Sometimes the roots got stuck in the papertowel, so that was harder to transfer. Pinching off the bit that was growing from the stonewool was easy and I kept a bit of the fiber with the roots for better transplant. Not the best pics, but the three methods:

Using the grow table my dad made me.

Zippy is thrilled.
My soil blocker is my new favorite toy.
Some things have been planted, some are already are up.  
Some indoor things grown and consumed.

Some outdoor things grown and consumed.
And this one is starting some preserving.
Five new apple trees have been planted.

And a whole bunch more is planned!  We are eager for gardening 2022! 

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