Easter 2022

Easter started with two puff pancakes to make for the church breakfast.

The crew parading/stampeding in.

Gifts with these reusable bags that I made years ago now and use for basically every holiday. And books. Always books. 
They each got a chocolate bunny, reeces pieces, books to share and something special for them. 
Adrian got another Greenlight 1:64 for his diorama. 
Audra got a miniature crafty kit. She loves these.
Anna-Kate has been wooed by Disney. They are actually the perfect size to go with her vintage My Little Ponies, which she enjoys.
I always keep things so simple and they are just thrilled. 
The obligatory before church photos (more tomorrow). 
And home for some afternoon quiet reading fireside. 
For me too. 
Then our dear neighbors hid eggs for them to find and had an Easter basket for them. (Nam also colored eggs with them last week, thank you! Bottom picture from last week).  
Easter hunt.
And I let them take selfies, which was...entertaining. 

Throw in some outside time, a movie for the kids and a drive to the ocean by myself, it was a great day (other than my poor husband feeling a little worn down.) Happy Resurrection Day!

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