Family time!

 Our day began with 4-H, included bread baking, a lot of cleaning and laundry and we also got started on getting things ready to plant the fruit trees. But, we also made some time for family time.  When we have nothing in particular scheduled for family time, we tend to do a trio of activities: 1) A family hike.  2) A visit to a library in the area that we hiked (Maine has a reciprocal borrowing program in that we are able to visit and borrow from dozens of libraries across the state that are a part of the consortium.) 3) A thrift store local to where we hiked. It's our fabulous trio that costs us next to nothing and we all enjoy our time together.  

Here are pics from our trio of activities: 
1) Hike

Firstborn: First one ready. All put together, with water bottle filled. 
Second born: Free spirited.  One just never knows.

Third born: No we will not carry you. You can have allll the snacks if you just keep moving.

2) Thrifted.  A pair of jeans for Adrian. The same tablecloth my grandparents used to have on their table. Unicorn coat and Beatrix Potter movies for Anna-Kate's birthday, dog leash. $3.72.
3) Library. The library happened to be having a fabric and yarn swap. I left a bunch and came home with this! A pile of wool, flannel, Christmas and bug fabric and some whites and navy blue. Audra brought home yarn.
This library had all sorts of activities set up and each kid got a whole gift bag for Easter full of activities.  We have a few books we borrowed (that we can return at our own library if we so choose!). 
The activities kept her busy for quite a while at home too.

It's was a weekend day like so many others, but we just love family time with a hike-thrifting-library combo. Hours of fun only spending $3.72 and gas. Doesn't have to cost much to have fun and connect! 

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