Dog and Man

Justin is generally 'meh' about the animals.  He doesn't really tend them, doesn't really spend much time with them, but doesn't mind having them for the most part.  

Copper and all his puppy energy has driven Justin nuts, however.   His most common phrase to Copper?  "Go lay down!"  Has this deterred Copper?  Nope. Copper's MOST EXCITING time of the day is when Justin gets home.  Copper knows Justin's coming and that tail and his whole body wag and wag and wag.  It's like Copper is saying MY FAVORITE IS HOME!"  What does Copper want to do?  Be *thisclose* to Justin.  What does Justin want to do? Rest in peace. Copper is determined to bond with Justin and will not give up.  Who will win?  (My money is on Copper!)


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