This crew has officially wrapped up the required amount of instructional days for 2021-2022 according to Maine homeschool law.  3rd grade and 5th grade portfolios are next on our list to complete to officially wrap up the paperwork for the year.

But, this is all on paper. In reality, our school year is perpetual because education for us is a lifestyle. We're year round homeschoolers. Not a set number of days. Not a set number of hours. Not to check off the requirements and be done.  Each season ebbs and flows with different subject areas and our rhythm changes. Spring will pull us outside in our gardens, Summer abounds with nature study, Fall is the best time for field trips, Winter we cozy up by the fire and do more sit down work. Most important to us, the good books just keep coming because that's one thing not one of us wish to take a break from. 


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