Highs and Lows

 Today I got a message from my husband that he got Employee of the month!  Such a great, well deserving award for my hard working husband. He's had a year of appointments and obstacles from head injury complications, but keeps going strong. So proud of him!

Today at 4:30, I was reading with Anna-Kate.  I told her that daddy would be home soon and we were to have cookie cake to celebrate his award. He gets out of work at 4:30 and then walks to his car and drives the 2.5 miles home. He gets out and comes home like clockwork. We can expect him at the same time everyday, he's very consistent (unlike me, I never arrive home from work at the same time). We were finishing up a book, expecting him to be home and my phone went off.  It was a text that said, "Running late, leaving now."  That was at 4:39.  I popped on facebook quickly right after and the top story was posted at 4:36 that an accident direct center between our house and my husband's work had just occurred.  A head on collision to be exact.  Had my husband not been grabbing his employee of the month swag and talking a wee bit more to one co-worker, he would have either been in the accident or have seen it. He arrived just before/as the rescue crews were arriving. He was just minutes behind a head on collision that ended up being fatal.  Today I grieve for the families who are experiencing devastation while simultaneously praising God that the steady predictable timeline was disrupted for my employee of the month.  Let us not take today for granted. Counting my blessings.  

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