About face

 Some days are peachy, some days are not.  Today, the morning was terrible. No one was getting along or listening. I hadn't even cleaned up breakfast before it was time for lunch. 

After lunch, I hurled a snack at each kid and told them to disappear with a book until I told them it was time to get in the car.  

Audiobooks in the car kept everyone quiet. Ocean and library were our destinations.  It was a great way to give our day an about face.

This picture below says a lot. Audra in the water (in Maine in April...I don't get it either), Anna-Kate running much ahead and Adrian as far as possible from everyone to get some space.  

My little naturalist collected some kelp

Razor Clams
And European green crabs. 
Wearing a mama made coat and dress. 
Her fave spot at the library, picking all all the books we have on this chart.

And another favorite spot.

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