24 hours

 The last 24 hours was a blur.  For the first time in my whole parenthood journey, all three kids have camp 9-3 all week. Last night as the sun was setting, I made my mental list of all that I was going to accomplish in the next 24 hours. Except for my work hours, I have all the time that I am usually homeschooling  to myself for housework and projects, so the plan goes. 

I only got a small fraction of that list accomplished.  So many unexpecteds happened today. I'm habitually someone who reminds myself of all that I don't do, but I'm trying to shift that narrative and be glad for what I did do.

Four loads of laundry, some gardening, some wood stripping and homemade sour dough pizza is not nothing. Not what I expected, but still not nothing.

The best part of the day was definitely them coming home, ironically. They were so excited to tell the fun they had. This was Anna-Kate's first time away alone. She was super excited. I asked her if she missed me and she said, "No. I didn't even think of you all day."  Well, I'm glad she had fun! 
Hoping tomorrow brings less unexpected, but either way, I aim to be kinder to myself and focus on the good instead of the undone.

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