A Literary Day

 We have been long time fans of Chris Van Dusen (author & illustrator). I found out he was giving an art class not too far from us. There were only 20 slots, we were lucky enough to get three. It was only $20 total for my three kids to attend, I would have paid oodles more. It was so good!

After the class, a couple families lingered for book signings. We had a long time with the book signing and got to chat. We left the event room feeling so lucky.
Then we were wandering around the short term feature Children's Literature Gallery of Illustrators (I made up the title, not sure what it's officially called, but it is FANTASTIC). Chris Van Dusen did a lot of work to get it set up, which was why he was there. We were the ONLY ones in the art gallery and noticed that he was there touring it for the first time too. We were able to do part of the museum with him! He stopped at all his paintings and told the kids how he did it, what went wrong, his thoughts of why he did xyz. He knows Adrian is an artist and gave him some tips.
At the end of the day, Adrian said that this day was a 10/10. Audra said today is a day she will remember for the rest of her life. I will remember how Anna-Kate raised her hand during the class and said "I don't think your drawing looks like much Mercy Watson", to which he kept telling her he's going to practice his drawings so he'll get better (LOL).
Before today, his books were a big part of my kids' childhood. They are even more beloved now.

And then the gallery....we LOVED it. The kids found original art of so many of their fave books.

Some matching.

This is another illustrator they have met and chatted with. Matt Travers. I traded a loaf of bread for a signed copy of one of his book a couple years ago. Kids talked his ear off.

And back to more Chris Van Dusen.

Definitely a day to remember!

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