Another, another day

 This week has been ALLLLL unexpected.  Aiming to cram the calm in between the chaos. The chaos is mostly the noise in my mind.  So, I picked flowers and made bread.

In my head, I'm dealing with the heartache of all of which we have to lose in order to gain a solid foundation.  Goodbye to my plants, my dozens of elderberries, my fence....
And goodbye to the room that I was pulling the floors out of just last night.  There will be no more ball room dancing in that addition. No more old fashioned homes staged in there. No more, no more. I'm someone who has always, always hated change. Even when the change is necessary and good.
Next step will be lifting this barn and I am praying it all goes as planned. 
In order to drown out the noise in my head, I garden. I pick. 
And I cook.  I do all the things there are to do, and reassure myself that it all is going to be okay. 

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