A day at home

The morning today was terrible.  Cancelled our plans and my goal was to figure out how to turn things around. If we can forget the morning even happened, then I will give the day a 10/10! I think sometimes slowing down is just what is needed.

I think a puppy pileup started the shift in our day.

Adrian spent his day cheerfully getting down to business around here. He did SO MUCH.  A bunch of flower arrangements, vacuuming, helped me garden, preserved the rhubarb, line dried two loads of laundry, folded and put it away. He just did everything!  I didn't even ask! He is such a joy!

The girls played old fashioned for a good chunk of the day.  I have no idea what they are playing, but they are serious.

They also grabbed my phone and Audra found a filter to take 'old fashioned' photos.

I had a delightful day of flowers and plants!  I'll do a garden update soon. Lots of things sprucing up.
We were pretty much outside all day, but I surprised them with a dinner time show.  I interlibrary loaned the original Mickey Mouse cartoons. They loved them. 
After night time books, I walked a quick walk and came home to a glorious sunset at my favorite place in the world...home sweet home.  

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