Garden 2022: UPdate 2

2022 Update 1 

How I have I not talked gardening lately? It's SO much of what I do.  I try to update monthly, but skipped last month. 

Everything is growing, so pleased! It's mostly from seeds I've grown or things from friends. Here's a map of what I have worked on. This used to be a field, so much has changed. I keep expanding and adding.  Added five fruit trees, another bed of asparagus and two rows of blackberries. Plus adding a garden for cut flowers is my new aim. 

I just did the one row of blackberries so far, ordered another.  Have one variety that produces early and pumps out the veggies and the other one starts a bit later and is everbearing until frost.
Still committed to the Back to Eden, although dabbling with hugelkultur gardening. 
Still experimenting and trying new things. Adrian and I are seeing if we can grow potatoes in feed bags this year. 

And we're doing more cut flowers than usual, gradually adding to those. Nevermind my hands, they aren't picture worthy...ever.  Working hands for sure.
I could spend all my days in this backyard and be content. Home sweet home is my favorite place to be.

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