Barn and Fences

Every time my dad comes to visit, he enjoys playing a "fun" game.  Fun is in quotation marks, as it's only "fun" for him.  What he does is go through his house, fill up his vehicle with stuff he no longer wants and drops it off at our house.  Some stuff is grand!  Other stuff I don't want, but comes anyway, to which he finds my annoyance hilarious.  Sigh.

I was part thrilled and part annoyed with the latest trip.  In his vehicle, he had the big red barn he made my brother when we were kids.  He also had a gigantic bag of stuffed animals from my childhood (NO THANK YOU).  There were a few that were farm specific that went with the barn. The rest we do not want, thank you very much.

Our little one is thrilled with his new barn.
 And I decided to whip up some fences to go with the barn.
 A couple of like sized pieces of wood screwed together.  Tongue depressors halved and hot glued on.  Done.  (Notice the necklace on the sheep.  I crocheted it for the lamb as a kid.)

 Baby approved.

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