Christmas Tradition: Norton Lights

All ready to go.  To go where you ask?  To Norton Lights.  Around the corner from us, there's this family who put on a huge blinking Christmas light show every year.   The collect money for Make a Wish, last year they collected over $11,000!  It's awesome, a tradition we look forward to every year.  (And yes, the hat is mama made.  Must blog about that soon!).

Upon initial notice, someone was amazed, hardly blinked.  But soon the dancing and commenced.  It's really a quite remarkable show. 

And to think I caught it blinking (between this picture and the next).
Posted by PicasaSuch a selfless commitment creating this show and greeting each person who comes the whole month of December.  This family has really succeeded in teaching their children what Christmas is all about.  Inspiring.

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