Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

I was giddy with excitement over these scores!
Gap winter coat $2.50. 
"My Parking Garage" $2.99. 
Total $5.49.

Want to know how much the original parking garage cost?  $69.95. And I got it for 3 bucks!  It did need a bit of a bath and two screws to make the elevator work again (works perfect now!).  But I must say I love it.  I love it a lot. Isn't it so cute?
Only drawback, it only came one one car instead of the four it would come with new (everything else was there though!).  But I had a perfect solution.  A while back, I was placing an order and it came to $40, shipping $7.95.  If I spent $50, I'd get free shipping.  Instead of paying that money for shipping, I added these cars, raise the price to $50 and got free shipping.  So, essentially they were free or a couple of bucks.  And now I have the perfect use for them!
I must say that we *all* love this set!  My little one plays with it a lot and daddy plays right along too.  In fact, I've noticed my little one walking away and daddy still carrying out the rescue mission all by himself.  $3.00 well spent.
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