Bridesmaid dress extras turned into a Christmas Ornament

You read that right, bridesmaid dresses turned into Christmas ornaments. Have a shoulder strap?  Have the little packet of extra beads they attach to embellished gowns?  Perfect!  It's actually easier than you'd think.

I used a shoulder strap and fed twist ties through it to make it bend-able. I then secured the ends by twisting and hot gluing a piece of fabric around them.  I then bent it into a Christmas tree, securing twice with sparkly ribbon.  I used the extra beads and such to hand sew embellishments.  I think it looks even cuter in person.


  1. Wow...I need to get those dresses out of my closet and make some ornaments! I always hoped I would be able to recycle them in some way! New follower to your blog...enjoy your Wednesday :D

  2. It's nice to make something that's seemingly useless useful again, yes? :)



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