Merry Christmas, Little Fireman

A recount of our most magical Christmas moment...

Here's our little fireman...sporting his new gear.
Here he is pointing to what's in that bag...
Here he is discovering what's in that bag.
Here he is clapping and squealing because it's his very own firetruck!
He and daddy signing "firetruck".  Notice the firetruck book that we spent a good 15 minutes reading before we proceeded to additional presents.
Here he is trying it out.
So proud of himself making it go!
Discovering the horn.
Daddy is equally as excited!  (And thankfully as you can see, this was the last gift...if it was the first, I don't think we'd open anything else.)
Discovering the ladder too.  How neat is that?
Saying "woo woo" as he drives it backwards.
Showing off for Pap later.
Insisting on wearing his new fireman gear all day long and loving his brand new firetruck.  I hope your Christmas was filled with moments that were equally as magical.  Oh the joy of Christmas through a child's eye!
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