Spotlight on my Dad: Wooden Airplane

I like to think I'm a nice blend of both of my parents.  I got my creativity, focus for projects and my determination to finish from my dad.  My dad always has a project going...and I think I'll show you some of his projects in time.  He's given us some amazing things (homemade canoe, kayaks, furniture, toys, etc).  Since my dad is a hermit, I got my social skills from my mom. :)  I told the BOG (Bald Old Grandpa) that my little one would enjoy an airplane for Christmas.  And boy, did he deliver!  Here it is:
Although my little guy was first confused about opening the package (he kept putting the bubble wrap back), he was quite excited to discover the contents. 
The propeller spins. Which is exciting. 
And it goes!   As an added bonus, he sometimes rides it too.  Thank you BOG...this is a gift he'll have for a lifetime!
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