Every Christmas Framed

This has to be my favorite Christmas tradition.  For a buck a piece, I bought 10 frames and silver paint.  I painted the year on each one.  Each year, I've inserted a photo of us and displayed them. 
I love reminiscing as I pull them out.  Remember that first Christmas you had tall hair that I hated? (His hair grows into a tall fro...that of course a wife would nix once married.) The year I surprised you with cross country skis, that you had carried around in your trunk for weeks?  The first Christmas in our house?  The first Christmas as a family?  I get all sappy.  I think he secretly is tired of this annual game, although he plays along anyway.
At church today, our dear friend took a 2011 shot (below) that needs to be included.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't do anything more than throw my hair up, but nevertheless, we're a happy family.  It's hard to believe we'll be a family of four Christmas 2012!
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  1. I love the new picture! But I think it needs to be redone with hats....especially since your little one LOVES his hats.
    Great tradition.



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