Thrifted. Updates. Randoms.

1) Thrifted. Two times a year, the PTSA does a fundraiser-a consignment sale.  The best time ever to stock up for Christmas.

A tunnel, a set of 3 hardcover dinosaur books, hersheys book, Melissa and Doug lacing, Phonics/reading stuff:  $6.50.

 A tool box that folds out to a bench and then closes like so, an I Spy book and a brand new Bingo game: $5.50
2) Updates:
- I have decided I love my new curtains in the living room. Phew.
- We live less than a mile from a working stable.  I pop the kids in the running stroller and we go to see the horses.  My kids would live there if they could.
- I have such a fantastic network of girlfriends in Maine.  Thankful.
-  We can see the train go at an angle across our entire back yard now the trees are empty.  So fun.
- I love the smell, the warm heat, the absence of an oil bill right now and the work of having wood heat. That's right, the work.  My kids are such a part of filling the wood box and starting the fire.  They stand back and hand me paper and sticks, as needed.  I get a round of applause when they see the wood catch fire.  It brings us together.

3) Random

A little trip down memory lane, we have these framed in our home and dig them out every Christmas.  It's his first Christmas and her first Christmas. Just makes me smile.  And we all could use a little smile, it's Friday afterall.


  1. Oh I love your Christmas photos so adorable. You are very good at this thrifting thing:) I love to watch a train it is very soothing to me also. Oh I love the piling that wood heat involves and LOVE its comforting heat. Hug B

  2. The Christmas photos are so cute! And it's awesome you live so close to the stables. I bet the kids love visiting the horses :)

  3. Wow, you really get good deals and the stuff looks brand new! Stables, how divine.
    Your wee ones are so adorable.

  4. Great finds! I love that you get a round of applause for starting the fire. Maybe I could teach 4 legged "kids" to give me applause....... Would love to have a horse farm within walking distance. Although I don't want to raise them myself I think they are so beautiful.



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