We're ready.

That's right.  We're ready.  For Christmas, that is.  We've been doing all the types of things you're supposed to do to get ready for this time of year.  Festive things.

Like Re-decorating the Christmas tree after it was knocked over (I'm the guilty party),

 giving and being the recipeients of some early gifts (packed in that which was fantastic fun cleaning up),

sending cards, baking, making crafts (including enjoying many cookie cutters that were mine from my childhood),

enjoying the snow outside,

and inside,

and back outside again (being creative finding just one more article of clothing that is not wet),
coming in for hot cocoa,

getting together with friends, singing along to Christmas music (they BOTH do, hilarious), watching classic Christmas movies,



And haying.  And planting corn.  Haying, you ask?  Planting corn in December in Maine? Well, the best farmers work on their farm year round.  I clearly have the best farmers. 

 Thankful for the merriment that comes this time of year, and Thankful for also finding the time to keep for the most comforting types of things we love the best.  I'm off to enjoy the hustle bustle that comes with the next few days, but I'll also be on the look out to embrace that which is familiar.  And it won't fly by too fast this year, I'm sure of it. I am going to be slowing my mind enough to let these memories sink in.  Magical it will be.


  1. Oh my - the photo of all the packing peanuts. Ugh!! Happy the kiddos had fun!! I love the photos with Audra's little teeth - she's looking like she's becoming a big girl and not a baby any longer. :)

  2. The happiest of holidays to you and yours. So glad to have gotten to know you this year. Have a magical Christmas!

  3. The first photo of decorating the tree is priceless, Jackie. Oh, to be a fly on the wall and listen to children singing along with the Christmas music and the conversations that must take place while planting their corn. Your pictures made me miss having my little ones. Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Looks like you are definitely ready for the holidays. The kids look so adorable all bundled up for the snow. Audra looks like the Michelin man haha! And the photo of them in the chair together is precious. I have a blanket just like the one on the back of that chair! Made for me by my great aunt :)



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