Those goats....

Sure, sometimes they drive me absolutely nuts.  They love to either follow me when I don't want them to and get into mischief or to ignore me when I want them to come.  Although never funny to me in the moment, it would be comical for you to watch me trying to get them grain. Both of them jump up on the old freezer we store the grain in, by the time I get them down and open the freezer, one has already jumped in. By the time I get him out, the other one has likely jumped in.  Lifting goats with a kid simultaneously on my back.  It's a form of exercise.  It must be.

But seeing the goats around this old farm, hearing them call to us, watching my kids give them ginormous hugs...
 They're meant to be here, they really are.

 And you know, sometimes they knock on our door.  Seriously, it's a real knock that we think is a human.  And to open the door, expecting company, and then you find a little goat staring at you?  How could you not smile?  Really, they're welcome company around these parts.  Glad we have them.


  1. That is the cutest scene...they are such beautiful animals and I especially love the photo of them standing between the two barn doors....just picturing you trying to feed them is hilarious...but probably not so much fun for you. Sweet story of "Down On The Farm".

  2. The pics of the goats at the barn door is a great pic. How the goats come to the door to the little ones is just precious.. I think you are right.. they are meant to be there. Blessings!

  3. I love love love these photos!!! That first one of them is totally frame-worthy. I love the weathered look of the barn and how they are standing side by side. And how funny that they knock on the door. I thought I wanted goats before but now I'm desperate for some! :)

  4. Ahhh, you have succumbed to the goat siren. Isn't it grand? The photo of the goat at the door is precious. Hopefully they will never get so enthusiastic in knocking that they break the window. That wouldn't be so irresistible. :-/



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