Christmas Tree Gathering: 2013

We've been meaning to get a tree. Only it's December 17th, and we haven't.  I could give you a million reasons why we haven't, but it doesn't matter. Life has happened and time has slipped away.   Christmas is just days away now, and we really need to get a move on it. 

I said to my husband, "Let's see what we can find on our property." Game on.

You know, it was perfect.  Just my husband, kids and some of our animals.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  Just before the snow dumped on us.  It's not a typical Christmas tree, but I love it so.  I grew up with Charlie Brown trees.  The imperfections give it character.  And to know it came off our own backyard makes it better. We even let our little guy chop a smaller one so he could drag one too.  Memories, oh, sweet memories.

Grab your coffee/tea, sit back and see if you can feel the relaxation and enjoyment we felt as we took deep breaths of the cold air, felt the crunch snow under the boots and heard the squeals of excitement from our two legged kids and the subtle "maas" of our four legged kids.  Blissful.  Won't you come along?


 This is exactly how I wanted my kids to grow up.  Thankful.

Thankful, indeed.


  1. That is indeed the best way for a kid to grow up. HUGS B

  2. I love how you brought the goats with you! I like Charlie Brown type trees as well. We usually find a tree on our property to cut down for Christmas, but we don't have many evergreens so I don't think there are any left to cut down! What a great way for your kids to grow up.

  3. What a perfect memory for your babies.

  4. I love charlie brown trees and it's just wonderful that you found one on your own property. I had to giggle at that little goat nibbling at the Christmas tree. That is so goatish. :-D



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